So many twins have told me that psychotherapy was useless for them because the therapist did not understand the twinship and its centrality in their lives. The therapist did not accept the endless grief of those twins who had suffered the death of a twin nor did they grasp the quality of the marriages, friendships, and family relationships outside the twinship. The life stages and attachment styles were misinterpreted as the same as singles. Almost nothing about the experience of twinship was grasped within the therapeutic relationship. The only articles that I have discovered on the subject were focused on the drive to twin with others and the inability to individuate properly. The labeling was stigmatizing and pathologizing.

Twins know that we are perhaps the most fortunate people on earth. An approach to healing our attachment and separation difficulties is needed to support us in our efforts to find ourselves and each other within the Twin World, not outside of it. I have been gifted with an unique position to undertake the quest for wholeness. This book is dedicated to our love for each other as Twins.