Cheryl and Meryl, female identical twins, are guesting on Twin Talk to provide all the details on the 2011 ITA conference taking place over Labor Day weekend in Branson, Missouri, the capital of western music.  At the conference, twins dress alike and enjoy their twinship thoroughly as do the spouses and children who accompany them. Cheryl and Meryl also have a message for twins. ‘We have to tell other twins to love each other and appreciate each other.  We never know, and you could lose your twin at any time.  We would just say enjoy your twinship.  Twins want to tell the world that we’re different, but we’re who we are and who we’re meant to be.’

Cheryl and Meryl, identical twins, were born in Raleigh, NC on October 11.  They have no other brothers or sisters.  They live together.  They both have bachelor’s degrees – were roommates in college.  They are both born-again Christians – Baptist by religion.  They believe that they were born twins because it was God’s special assignment for them.  They are each other’s gift from God.  These twins are very active in the International Twins Association and value their twinship from the heart of their hearts.