Dr. Mercy broadcasts her last Twin Talk show on World Talk Radio, reviewing her past guests and her own presentations over the year and a half that the show has been carried on World Talk Radio.  She mentions guests such as clinicians Dr. Jane Greer and Dr. Barbara Klein, physicians Dr. Kari Nardeau and Dr. Diane Powell, parapsychologists Dr. Sally Rhine Feather and Guy Playfair, dream expert Dr. Bob Van de Castle, twin moms with NOMOTC, and her own sister and mother. The twin sets who have guested are also memorable: Ana and Isa with The Power of Two movie, Sonya and Tonya facing cancer, Cheryl and Meryl, the Clark triplets, Lee and Jesse, Brenda and Linda; the twin sets seem to multiply! Dr. Mercy’s own presentations on numerology, astrology, dreams, synchronicity, symbolism, and twin myths fascinated the listeners.  She discusses her future plans and contacts.

Bio: Dr. Mercy has been broadcasting Twin Talk weekly on Friday mornings since World Talk Radio recruited her and helped her create the show.  The show was live on air from April of 2010 through August of 2011 when Dr. Mercy decided to try different activities such as writing e-books on twins, traveling in Europe, living in Paris and forming a psychotherapy group in Aztec, New Mexico.  Her partner George Lane at 78 needs her attention, as do the Florida and Colorado homes. Twincerely, Dr. Mercy, broadcasting to twins and those who love us