Dr. Mercy and her guests will explore the topic of life stages and discuss whether twins have rites of passage that differ from singles.  The road of life is littered with surprising events when we know that nothing about us will ever be the same and seminal moments when we know that we must go forward because there is no turning back.  These benchmarks on the journey can be marked by rituals, holidays, chance meetings, life-long friendships, marriages, divorces, hospitalizations, incarcerations, spiritual awakenings, growth spurts, rituals, graduations, certificates, and deaths.  Are these states of transformation and maturation experienced in the same way by singles as by twins?  Do the same types of events precipitate change?  Is there an added complexity in the life stages of twins?  Tune in to hear the discussion.

Biographies: Don is still visiting Dr. Mercy in Bokeelia, Florida, and he will return to the show for this episode.  He lost his twin Ronnie three years ago and then came very near death himself.  He believes that he has been given another chance at life.