Dr. Jane Greer has lectured across the country on marital/family problems, women’s issues, and sibling (twin) issues.  She is frequently contacted by the national news media to speak as an authority on these topics. In her book, The Afterlife Connection, Dr. Greer began with the belief that the bond that exists between the living and the dead including co-twins is not purely a psychological one, but is in fact much more dynamic and empowering. Dr. Greer guides us to learn that transcommunication is not simply a “hello from heaven” but a powerful therapeutic tool that is available to any of us. Through transcommunication, the pain of grieving can be made more bearable, ambivalent relationships can be healed, and a loved one’s messages can bring relief and joy. Drawing on her new book, What About Me? Dr. Jane will help us understand the sharing, connection and selfishness that can lead to Twin Rivalry.