Sheldon Chrysler, identical twin and aviation expert, will discuss his new book Life after Death of My Twin: The Surviving Twin Story. He will describe his life as an identical twin while growing up as a child in Denver, Colorado. He will also talk about his successes and failures as an adult running an aviation business with his twin and later teaching aviation. He will also discuss his various certifications and licenses within the aviation field. Sheldon plans to share the process of writing the book about himself and Barry and what his life is like now without Barry. Given all the trials in his life, Sheldon will explain his secrets for maintaining a positive attitude about his life and continuing to honor his twin Barry. Dr. Mercy will ask him to identify his heroes and his deepest wishes for his own future. She will also ask Sheldon what he foresees for the future of twins and twinless twins within society and what we have to offer to our fellow human beings.