• Margery Runyan, PhD, identical twin and psychotherapist, describes her research into the dreams of female identical twins, female twins who lost their twins, and female singles. The study was designed to explore the cognitive schema of twins through dreams to give direction to psychotherapists treating twins. The findings support the idea that female identical twins have more complex dreams than female singles due to thinner personality boundaries. The dreams of twinless twins exhibit a greater evolution of the self and paranormal abilities. Twins in general have unique conceptual schema including a powerful co-twin and more events experienced, stored, and dreamed than do singles. The book contains a thorough review of both dream research and twin research. This book is one of the few available on the subject of adult twinship.
    Open Do Twins Dream Twin Dreams
  • In this powerful memoir, an identical twin embarks on a heroine's journey to find her lost twin. Along the way, she provides a rare glimpse into the Twin World to all who honor twinship. How does our heroine survive twin loss? The Tao shows her the way. She learns that the dark is the source of the light. The still is the source of all motion. The wise one trusts her Heart above the World. Now a Jiugian analyst, the lone twin shares her hope for spiritual ascent and reunion.
    Open Tao of Twins


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