The Clark triplets were born and raised in Perry, OK the youngest of 14 children born to Gordon and Irene Clark.  They moved to Edmond, OK in 1984 to finish their college education and all remained there until Sept, 2010 when Chris and his wife Linda moved westward to Piedmont, OK.  Cary and his wife Janet have a blended family of Kyle (21) and Dakota (12).  Chris and Linda have children Curtis (27) and Lindsay (25) and their spouses Misty and Matt, along with grandsons Coby and Logan.  Charles and Debbie have a blended family of Mazey (20), Matthew (19), Kaycee (18), and Joshua (16). The triplets all became interested in computers at a young age and have pursued careers in computer programming.  For the first 13 ½ years of their careers, they all worked at the same firm.  Since that time at least 2 have usually worked together. Currently, Cary and Chris do. Besides computers, the triplets are avid sports fans and enjoy working on classic Chevrolets. Program description: The Clark triplets are amazingly alike in every way. Raised in Oklahoma, often working and raising families nearby, they have enjoyed a journey rarely experienced, the life of triplets.  How do wives, children, bosses, even neighbors react to three identical men?  How confusing can this be?  Dr. Mercy met this handsome threesome at the International Twin Association in which they are very active.  What a delight!  She is wondering what happens when a duo becomes a threesome. What new dynamics develop?